Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Since I'm going to be away for some 15 odd days, since I'm determined to post today, since the net at home is not working (the squirrel my mom feeds has eaten the net cable!) since I've been stressing over what to post and since I won't do it but as a last ditch option- I'm posting on white today. The non colour. The colour from which all the colours in the spectrum come forth. White is zen. White is peace. And may there be a lot more of it in all our lives. Amen :)

White and fun
I'd really love to be the one sitting here...sigh...!
Vintage white

Smart white
Cheery white :)
Serene white
Bold white :)
Strawberry white
Fire white
Calm white

and most importantly - restful white.
Images from Decor8, House Beautiful and my nameless collection :)

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