Devi Garh

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

India is known for its palaces, snake charmers and poverty as much as its known for its contribution to global software power. And since this is not a blog that deals with the latter I can only be talking of Palaces. Time for some pure eye-candy :) This post kickstarts a series I'm about to do on the palaces of India.
Devigarh lies nestled in the Aravalli Hills near Udaipur in (where else but) Rajasthan, the state that probably has more palaces than the rest of India put together. Ok, that maybe an exaggeration, but you get the point. Most palaces in the state have been restored and turned into resorts, in this Devi Garh is no exception. The difference lies in the contemporary edge the restorers have managed to bring into the design of the place. The website will tell you "Devi Garh, is ready for visitors after years of restoration and rebuilding. The Fort palace was conceived as a place where the past meets the future.This all suite luxury hotel comprising of 39 suites with an emphasis on design and detail."

Fort Exterior at dawn
Black Pool
One of the many stunning visages the palace makes - A tent by the poolsidePrivate dining in Janana

Sheesh Mahal
Garden Suite sit out area

Palace Suite Living room
Ram room- I simply love the genius of handwritten calligraphy on the wall.

Aravali Suite Bedroom
Devi Garh suite sitting room
Garden Suite Bedroom

Marble decked Spas
Honeymoon Suite Bedroom :)

Honeymoon Suite
A lovely view from the alcove seat
Conference room
Seating area in the Grand Durbar Hall
God lies in the detail. Brass reproductions of Shivas Trident as decorative feature
Detail of decorative raised metal work
Goddess in a flower Antique in the Honeymoon Suite
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