Artnlight was first a blog born out of my love for art, for travel, for sharing my passion for it. I am inspired by anyone who does brilliant work and that I could share my finds and discoveries through my blog was extremely exciting for me when I began blogging in August 2007, this was pre-social media, facebook had not yet boomed in India. My blog was a way I connected with artists in India and abroad.
Inspired by what I saw when I was blogging, I started making my first few products for an exhibition in June 2009. The response was so encouraging, that with baby steps and at my own time, I kept making more products, I kept improving the finish, I kept selling. Initially all over India, then to London, Singapore, Dubai. That today ArtnLight is a brand with its own online store is something I look at with wonder. And gratitude.

Why ArtnLight? Because both these words meant the world to me. And both these words I aspire to and are relevant to every single thing I do, to this day.

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