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Friday, April 08, 2016

If you look up the meaning of Nostos on the net, first you get is "home coming" - an apt name for a decor store, and if you look a little more, it will tell you that Nostos, which has origins in ancient greek means not just any regular home-coming, but the homecoming of a hero from an epic life threatening journey, it then becomes a word rich with connotations of growth, missing your home and a lifetime of travel. And stepping into the expansive, treasure filled space, makes you feel they chose their name well. And unlike the space starved city it belongs to, the furniture at Nostos actually has breathing space. Spanning a variety of decor styles and trends, the eclectic shopper and the classic lovers will equally be spoilt for choice.
Being invited to be a part if Nostos's Spring Fling was a privilege. While we set up the mezzanine with out brands, I was soaking in the ambiance of the place, the bright spots of quirky, distinctive, coloured furniture set against midnight blue. 
It was an amazing experience to be part of Nostos's the Spring Fling, because as always, the most interesting part of an event is getting to meet fellow design entrepreneurs who have created an interesting space. And it was beautiful to discover people who are warm, real, authentic and generous. In my many conversations with Nostos, it came out more than once that while the pieces of furniture were mostly created and curated for Nostos, what they wanted to create was a space where people could find and pick interesting furniture at prices that were realistic and authentic and not inflated beyond reach.

Nostos' ~ The world map set of tables

 Shaalu Wadhwa a mutual friend with Sulaxmi Laud of Nostos

Some Spring Fling fun @Nostos
At The Nostos Sring Fling, I met Anu Tandon Viera of Retyrement Plan after loving and following her work for ages. I met Shalini Dhawan & Jaya Peter of Livin Art and saw gorgeous pottery by Devyani Smith. .  
When you set up for just a day at a hi end furniture store one would expect them to be careful and protective of their space, instead we only felt really welcomed. Nostos, indeed.
From the left to right, Jaya Peter of Livin Art, Devyani Smith, Anu Tandon Viera or The Retyrement Plan, moi, Madhumita of Insomniac Cook
 Anu Tandon Viera of The Retyrement Plan

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