Kick starting the "Inspirers" Series

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I get many mails from people who want to start something on their own, starting a business with the creative arts. Who wish to create a brand and a business that is self sustaining, that is fulfilling. People in corporate careers like I once was. And a lot of the questions I get asked is around how was it for you?

When you are at the brink of the what is probably and seemingly the scariest decision in your life - you are looking to hear a voice of reassurance - someone who will say - It will work out - just do it - this is how you do it - Or this is what you should not do. And yet is it as simple as that? Are there formulas? 

 It is more than 5 years since I quit my corporate job - have I missed it for a second? No. And yet this being an entrepreneur business has been one hell of a humbling journey. I have had more than my share of  "Hmmm. So this is why most people don't do this" moments. But far outweighing each of those moments is the life that I get to live. My time is my own, my decisions, my choices are my own and so is the accountability. If I waste it - the onus is mine - but for every right thing I have done, the credit, the appreciation and more importantly the work that has come my way has always been way more than expected and has made this journey more assuring and magical than scary.
Through these past years, I have met and made connections with more and more people who live this creative life - who experiment, with whatever media.So a lawyer is a clay model maker, an ex pharmacist is a painter, a ex-financial journalist is a furniture designer and who said an artist should only paint canvasses - why not kettles, bags and furniture? A producer of tv shows who now travels through life inspired and pours her creations into impassioned weaves. So many stories. All real.
This idea has been in my head to do a series of posts called "Inspirers", for those who want their creativity and their passion to become more than a hobby. For those who want to make their passion and their love into their whole life. I will be featuring One person who is an artist/entrepreneur and has either a brand or  their work & life is a brand that breathes creativity in itself. For these people creating is a way of life. Their business and their life is a seamless happy extension of this constant creation and of themselves.

In this series they will each share with us 3 things they learnt or live by or had to unlearn. Giving us an insight into their journey and their experience.  I can't wait to get this started.
All images shot on a recent trip to Kashid. Ofcourse I amped the blues :)

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