Harshali Mohite's little Angels & a Give-away

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Making angels and practicing law may seem like a contradiction to many of us, but that is exactly what Harshali Mohite does with ease and much flair. When I set eyes on Harshali's Angels for the 1st time, I knew I wanted to shoot them. Irresistible they were, tiny, with their delicate wings, their pretty skirts and highlights in their hair. And while I'm accustomed to shooting what I see without much re-arranging, this provided a whole new excuse to play. Unpassable :) I just HAD to try it out. So out came the coloured paper, pearls, satin and sequins and Harshali and me had a fun afternoon capturing these little beings in all their colour and glory. All the while punctuated with Harshali's calls where she would issue serious instructions to her office. I was smiling, I'm constantly meeting people who easily combine contradictory things and do them equally with a synergy that inspires and makes it seem natural. Maybe it is.
 Harshali makes her angels with clay and under the name of Magic Wand Creations. While she has just started making the angels and I was impressed that she had a logo and really sweet packaging for each of the angels.


 We had a blast changing backgrounds, rolling around the pearls and arranging the tiny flower, but it was such a sight when we lined up all the 20 angels.

 Looking towards the light. We shot on a rainy day, it was overcast. I had pulled the table we shot on close to the French windows so we get maximum daylight to work with. And then I went round the table to change some cloth or take something and saw this.
 Meet the tiny Pingu's, Harshali's penguin family. The smallest guy is not even half an inch tall :)

One of these beauties could come home to you, Yes we are doing a Give-away. All you need to do is "Like" Harshali's page "Magic Wand Creations" on FB and leave a comment here about why you would love an angel in your home.
The GREAT NEWS is 5 very lucky people are going to win 5 FREE GIVE-AWAY Angels. So you can win one & you can share the news with your friends who might love this. The last date for the Give away and your comments will be 15th of July, after which we will close this and choose the lucky winners. So "like", comment & spread the angelic news people :) :)

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