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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wanted to do a quick heads up on a contest I'm running on FaceBook for Artnlight readers and Artnlight product owners. It is specifically a FaceBook contest and that is where all the action is the happening, from the announcement to the posting and the voting. Its a first for me and comes with its own set of discoveries and learnings. I'm just very grateful to all those who participated and sportingly styled their products and sent the pictures in.
So this is what its all about. All Artnlight product owners were invited to style, shoot and mail me their pictures on once all the entries were in the most popular picture would win a free Artnlight Tray.
After I announced the contest in a fit of spontaneity ( I decided and worked out and composed the contest while typing the announcement status!!) I began worrying if anybody would bother to contribute at all. And if they didn't I'd look like the fool of the century. But the deed was done. But over the last week the entries came in. And some of them took my breath away with their beauty and some of them touched my heart with its meaning and significance. All of them made me grateful for the privilege of making things that people like enough to pay and take home and make theirs. Sharing with you some of the entries here. The the voting is on both on my personal FB page as well as on the Artnlight FB page and so is the contest. Please do vote for your favourite picture on either or both places and share it as well. The most popular picture - with the maximum likes will win a free Artnlight Tray.
I absolutely love this picture sent by Dithi Mukherjee, but is not part of the contest, but I wasnted to share it with you. For me it is amazing to see my product so lovingly used.
"Am all smiles whenever I look at that beautiful lotus pond on my desk!
Thank you Vineeta for this block of happiness ~ created and finished to perfection!" Dithi Mukherjee
Archana Srinivas's gorgeous photographs of her Artnlight Box.
Oindrila Roy of Bright Angles uses her Artnlight tray as a decorative table-top.
Gunjan Pai sent me this picture of her Artnlight wall art, cutely styled in her balcony along with plants and knick knacks.
The very talented Reuben Samuel of Reuben Samuel Photography, sends me his Artnlight alphabet R photographed in various moods and poses. This one is really close to my heart.
Parinda Singh's Artnlight tray in her home which I helped design. Do check out her Dance initiatiative called Tribe of Taal
When I saw these beautifully styled shots sent by blogger Sahana Singh of Home is where the art is,
I knew immediately what a talented stylist she is and what a fantastic host she is must be. Do you see these colourful cutting chai glasses in the pictures? Sahana makes them herself and the brilliant news is you can buy them on her FB page right here.
When I put in the links to the respective owners on this post I realise Artnlight products have gone to the homes of a painter~artist, a blogger, a marketing consultant, a writer, a photographer & writer, a dancer, and an entrepreneur, wow.
I am amazed to see after I uploaded the pictures, how the contest has taken on a life of its own, the participants and even others are spreading the word and people are voting in their favourites. Do drop by here or here and put in your vote for your favourite picture. And thank you, you are the best! :)

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