The Mahindra Blues Festival & some fun!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Its been a long time since I last came here. A really long time. When the break started I had no clue it will last this long. But I needed time off to just be quiet. Shut up actually. Look in, rest. Also I was a little appalled by how much time I was spending on Facebook. So I said enough. I went home to my family home in Kerala for a bit. Just ate, slept, rested, watered plants and I was off computers except to check an important mail here and there. For a while now I have known that when I work I can't stop working and when I rest, I find it, lets say not very appealing to come back to work :) So this is what I really want: to work every day and to rest everyday. And to do each completely. To really honour my body and not take it for granted.
Whatever I do here, I've wanted to do with integrity and honesty, and to post only when my heart really wants me to. So here I am, picking up where I left off, getting ready to be at another exhibition & I remember the last, which was a very different exhibition for me, where I actually got the chance to hangout with my fellow stall owners. And we have the kind of camaraderie that comes from knowing and understanding all that it takes to start and sustain a business, experiences, learnings and then just a lot of fun cause we are all mad in different ways :)

Hanging out with Neha Gandhi of Matsya with whom I shared the stall

I met Riddhika Jesrani when we shared the stall last year at Black Taxi's exhibition. We've been in touch ever since and she is one talented powerhouse who inspires me endlessly. Riddhika is a mad hatter and so is her Ganpathy - I've never seen a cooler version, complete with keds and sitting on a radio no less.

The bonus was ofcourse the live band playing right in front of the stalls. The band Something Relevant really enjoyed their music and so did the audience.

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