No Nasties

Thursday, November 03, 2011

This is a story I have been wanting to say for the longest time. What happens when idealism meets practicality, substance meets smartness, when purpose meets action, a problem meets a solution, when suicide finally meets hope, and when Apu meets Diti? You get No Nasties. I don't mean to sound smart and spin some words together. What I wrote is exactly what I feel about what Diti and Apurva are doing with No Nasties. I wish more causes had drivers like these two people, they are heart and brains in the right place. They are taking one thoughtful smart step at a time & they are moving fast. They have a job to do and all their time, their energy, and being is dedicated to that. No distractions, no wasted time. Seeing Diti and Apurva restores my faith in my generation and in the world. Apurva left a job and a life in the U.S to come back to his country when he knew he had to do something about the farmer suicides. (Yes, outside of a movie script, and in real life) And Diti a graphic designer and photographer, had volunteered in farms in Pondicherry and was teaching workshops on organic farming. The 2 met and from their dreams and determination was born No Nasties.

No Nasties makes tshirts. All you need to do is buy them.

I like the No-Nasties funda because they know what will work. They know that fashion works, people want to look cool & not like some boring gyaan toter. So they are speaking your language and they are making it damn simple by expecting you to do only what you can do easily. Which is to buy. One tshirt at a time.

If this piques your curiosity, read the entire story here. And this is their happening Facebook page which u can 'like' :) if u so wish :)
And they don't work in glorious isolation. Its interesting to see the people they choose to work with. Makes for an interesting read. And gives you more reason to see how solidly this works.

And finally I want to leave you with this message from their website. "Don’t just see what is, but also what will be. Let's say you buy a t-shirt made from organic cotton. That creates more money for organic farmers than usual, which makes more farmers want to convert to organic farming. And more designers to use organic material. And more stores to carry organic clothes. And more people to buy organic, so they can be as organic as you. All because you made a choice to be organic. You can bring about this change. You can start the movement."

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