News! New Store BLISS Launches + artnlight products in BLISS

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This is news I'm sooo excited to share with you :) A brand new fashion & decor store called Bliss is now open in Versova, Andheri, Mumbai. And you can actually buy artnlight products from there. It all started as soon as I uploaded the pics of the trays and boxes here on this blog. Mallika Desai Thakker from Vibe design wrote to me and Riddhi and said she is launching a store and would love to keep our products. She was the 1st person to contact us and we were really thrilled. Over the past month and a couple of meetings what struck me was what an amazingly easy person Mallika is to work with. And apart from being an oasis of calm, she has great taste & this you can see in every part of the gorgeous store she has put together. So here we go on a visual tour of brand new BLISS. (I'm so happy to be the 1st to cover them - ye, ye ye!!!)
The wooden gate has Bliss's pretty lotus signage on it.
Bougainvilleas on the balconies on top are waiting to grow and spill pink into the compound.
Wood panelling & sculptures are an interesting contrast to the blue door.
If the exterior was bright and airy, the interiors have the understated elegance of an exclusive boutique .The walls are dressed in beautifully upholstered fabric.
Bliss retails well known fashion brands
And super elegant accessories
The textured wall painted in luminous gold is spot lit to create drama.
Elegant party accessories & purses.
Fancy clutches and purses in metallic weaves
I loved the way gold and wood dress this beautiful stairway that leads up to the decor section.
And along the stairs on the walls are my wall art.
I never knew it could look quite this good :)
You must excuse this bit of self indulgence
At the head of the stairs is an elegant white single seater with a paper lamp hanging over it.
This is the sight that you see as soon as you walk up the stairs. The Blue wall is a beautiful backdrop for the engraved marble top dining table & has lovely display windows
My trays- Ye! :) I love the way she's kept the cuttle fish trays against the blue wall. This works :) And aren't those table mats beautiful?
The pristine white sofa stands out against sheer pink curtains and the blue wall.
Elegant cushions are strewn tasefully on the sofa.
This is an interesting wall where Mallika has displayed precious stones that can be used to dress parts of your walls. (My trays are perched on top of the blocks- next to the clocks)
My vintage Rose trays
And Riddhi Desai's books :)
This huge silver wall clock is my MOST favorite thing in BLISS. What a gorgeous piece of work it is.
Pretty cushions line this stylish grey sofa
I love the way this yellow wall catches the light from all the chrome pieces displayed along it.
Pretty glass and chrome candle holders
Glasses and tableware
Shiny stylish cutlery
My boxes line the top shelf along with vases
Thats my peacock tray :)
I loved this elegant set of tables with inlay work
Pretty ceramics
prettier cushions
An interesting view of the decor section
Wall clocks
Unique ceramic table ware
Bliss is very much like its name. Especially for lovers of all things beautiful. For all of you in Bombay, the address is 180, Aram Nagar1, Fisheries University Rd, 7 Bunglows, Andheri. Ph:022 26332111. Do drop in for your dose of luxe eyecandy.

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