Jaipur Amber Palace

Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm sorry to have gotten irregular again. But I've been busy with some DIY projects which I hope to share with you sooon!! :) Today I will make an Indiaah!!! series post.
This is the 1st fort I saw when I 1st set foot in Rajasthan 5 years ago. And now many years and many forts later, Amber Fort/Palace still remains a very special memory & when I went a second time round, it still seemed just as beautiful. " The sprawling Amber Fort is a typical example of what the lives of our gallant Rajputs were like – militant, adventurous, temperamental and also self-indulgent. It is among the best hilltop forts in India. Within the stern exteriors that seem to grow out of the rugged hills are mighty gates, temples, huge ornate halls, palaces, pavilions, gardens and even a ramp to take you to the hilltop palace! and guess who climbs the ramp? Elephants. Yes, beautifully- caparisoned elephants go up and down carrying visitors to and fro."

The main gate as we walk up the steep and winding walkway.
The Amber palace was built by the Kachhwajas when they rose in eminence and power under the Mughals. Man Singh I built it in a style to rival Mughal grandeur and opulence.
Diwan-I-Aam has a double row of columns with elephant-head brackets, which had to be covered with stucco to escape the jealous eye of Jehangir.
This beautiful hall of pillars was cordoned off for restoration, but its a dreamy to stand and watch the 'Kesar bagh'
Image courtesy Emma Grimwood

I love the elegant colour schemes they worked with.
No corner is spared. I looked up to see this bit of precision.
Do click on the image to see better details.
Ganesh Pol, entrance portal to inner palaces, is the most magnificent portal in Rajasthan, covered with elegant frescoes and crowned with pavilions carrying fascinating jali screens.
Everywhere I looked up there was much to see.Decorated with beautiful mirror work, Diwan -I - Khas has wonderful carvings on the walls and the ceilings. (image courtesy Robert Kitey, PBase)

The major attractions of these halls are miniature murals made of coloured glasses which depicts Radha and Krishna.
I love that the glass is on off white walls and not any other colour.
Intricate carvings on marble walls
The 1st level has these really beautiful balconies
The painting on the walls alost look like fabric or wall paper
do click on the pictures to see the details better
i loved the way the corners were catching the light

Old textured wooden door against white marble walls.
I loved the way the sun shone down on this beautiful fort.

I waited patiently till all the many people had passed, so I could capture this juxtaposition of textures in one frame.
The cool and shiny passages of the Palace.

The decorated marble halls of Amber palace (pic courtesy- allposters.com)
(pic courtesy- allposters.com)
On my way out I wanted to try some different angles of the Ganesh Pol
I was just having fun :)
Last sight of the majestic walls of the Amber Palace.

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