Artistry in the Junagad Fort, Bikaner

Monday, December 15, 2008

There was so much artistry in the Junagad fort/palace at Bikaner that it truly deserves another post. Every surface, be it the walls, the doors, the ceilings or the floor, was a canvas for the hugely talented artisans who worked with vegetable dyes and gold.
Gold paint and vegetable dyes on marble.
Walls and the door are filled with depictions of bounty
This floor alternates Indian and Italian tiles
Here is the door at the side of the RangMahal depicting folklore in the miniature painting style.
Marble columns frame an elaborately painted door.
Intricately carved wooden doors inset in marble
Bowls of fruit adorn this door. The extensive use of fruit is characteristic of Junagad artistry.
A closeup of the door
Alternate panels of red & brown make this door interesting.
Above the door
But the ceilings really stole the show

A symbolic Sun looks down the ceiling benevolently.

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