Dhoop: Its sunlight all the way

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A welcome break from my travel tales! I can’t wait any longer to share with you guys pictures of my favourite store for gifting- ‘Dhoop’ which roughly means ‘bright sunlight’ has a lot to offer under one roof. From artefacts to knick-knacks to jewellery, its really like stepping into a world where you can shut your eyes and pick anything & trust that it will be well liked. And all the time you are at the store you will be ably guided in your decisions by the very affable Mr. Rammy Nagpal. Here’s a quick look at some of Dhoop's treasures.

The doors double up as frames which beautifully capture 'Dhoop' and the sunlight theme.
A Beautiful copper buddha bust is the 1st thing you see as you enter.
Dhoop also has a great terrace garden which doubles up as great dispaly space for their amazing range of terracotta ware, natural fibre mats, and a collection of rustic wooden stools.
They have a lot of lamps. Suspended...and in all hues of the rainbow...

Super bright & super ethnic pouches & purses in multicoloured baskets.
They also have a great assortment of Incense, aroma products & a variety of ceramic holders for the same.
Candle holders and Handpainted stools..

Stylised untensils from the east of the country....
...to beautiful ceramic 'leaf platters'
I loved their stunning marble tablewear!

Little ceramic tiles framed in wood makes for great coasters.

And I will leave you this surprising discovery- they have a lot of traditional board games that are a rare find these days. There's another post coming up on Dhoop which will showcase a lot more of their stuff and maybe even a tete-a-tete with Aradhana Nagpal the brain behind this show...

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