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Friday, February 05, 2010

Its strange, but I promise I was technicolour. You should know. You've been around here long enough. And its disconcerting to see yourself act out of charachter. And I see a lot of that nowadays. So even when I have a choice, I see muself drawn to all things deep and really non-colour. But these images from The Society Inc really had me. I love the way they are styled. I love the mood they create. I love the typography that fits right in & I love the non-colourness of it all.

"Set up by long time interior stylist Sibella Court in an 1800s corner shop in Paddington, its contents and interior will change 4 times a year, each time a new 'theme' will transport the visitor to different societies. The first is The Indigo Blues Society followed by Travellers&Magicians. Each theme will be accompanied by seasonal paint colours designed by Sibella for Murobond Paints." Check out the themes here.

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