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Monday, February 01, 2010

I have all these books which I use regularly and are dear to me for decor ideas & even to give a prospective client an idea of what might look good. I've been wanting to share with you my old & trusted 101 Bathrooms from the BBC GoodHomes Magazine. Infact its a part of a series. I also have the 101 Living rooms & the 101 Bedrooms- which are both dog eared by now from excessive use. Whats so neat about this book is that unlike other decor manuals which can be tomes and weigh a ton, these are really handy and easy to carry around.
A shot of my dining table- had a few flowers extra from the pooja & the colours were just right.

Glorious wood combined with ceramic chocolate tones create this warm though dramatic bathroom. Wooden grained furniture completes the look.
Sunlight shines on the small gold squares of the wallpaper through white painted shutters. The deck flooring smartly covers a concrete sub floor.
Colonial style shutters complement the ethnic appeal of the Moroccan cupboard.
Fiery orange creates a welcoming atmosphere. And this picture holds a variety of different textures from wood to metal to plastic all in a similar palette. The yellow stool and the metallic shower curtain add a lot of style to this bathroom.
Earthy autumnal colours make this hig ceilinged room cosy. The CD rack makes for ideal storage for toiletries
Space saving: Although light cool colours give an illusion of space, deep warm colours will make your room feel cosier, bamboo accesories give an oriental touch.
This one is my fav- checkered yellow wallpaper holds together chinese style plates and a moroccan inspired blue alcove. The ornate Moroccan lantern and scalloped detailing of the shelves all add to the decorative appeal of this bathroom.
Grooved panelling and cream colours make for a soothing bathroom
Powedery pastels calm and refresh at the same time. A painted console table with curved legs holds the bowl styled basin and the candle chandelier adds a romantic touch.
Crisp and clean, the metallic surfaces and steel ladder for hanging towels creates this contemporary look. Red towels add a pop of colour and that mirror is an inspired touch.

White painted shelves, trelliswork door panels and leafy potted plants give this bathroom the airy elegance of a Victorian summerhouse.

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