Friday, February 19, 2010

Nachana Haveli, Jaisalmer

We were put up at the Mandir Palace in Jaisalmer and the beauty about Jaisalmer is that you can walk it all up. Just keep strolling up and down towards the fort along the winding streets lined with beautiful and historic sanstone monuments. Even for an Indian, its exotica. With the lonely planet to guide us- we strolled next door into Nachana Haveli which houses the tented, rooftop restaurant called Saffron. And true to its name the place was awash with a warm fiery glow of red. Perfect for a winter dinner. While we went looking for Saffron, we didn't know that the Haveli which housed it was so gorgeous. But then again almost everything in Rajasthan is gorgeous- you kind of get used to it :)

You enter and see this lovely courtyard open up, with benches to sit and lounge around in.

I loved the wrought iron chairs and the pretty shadows they cast,
Its all in the details- I love the little brass and metal utensils that go with this antique wrought iron bench

I loved this mirror embedded wall

Bougainvilleas bloomed right into the tented windows where we sat.
And looked down to see this enchanted scene- I told you, all of it is gorgeous

View from the rooftop restaurant

This has such a haunted medieval look- like I walked into a film set or something
Even the most arbitrary door by local standards is still an interesting one by ours.
Image credits: Vineeta Nair


shilpa said...

a heartening post, such a boon for the "web traveller" like me :)

the new look "artnlight" is cool!!

I like the sense of grandeur the large pics bring, but, aren't you worried someone might flick them?

vineeta said...

Shilpa, that is a permanemt & constant possibility with the net. I might add watermarks.

I was so dying to have big images :)

Susan Erickson said...

really the mellow colour of the sandstone and how that colour is the atmosphere for all the pics. You relly made me want to travel there!

Once Upon A Tea Time said...

The larger pictures are beautiful. Watermarking is a good idea, though.

layers said...

what absolutely beautiful warm colorful images-- very inviting.

GOSIA said...

Hi! What a great header you've got now - so much brighter, sunnier and vibrant. Simply love it!!

Gillian said...

your new look, major swoon inducing :)
Love it!

your photos are great, and India is getting bumped to the top of the travel list, right after Jordan,and Portugal.

AdukalaVishesham said...

Lovely post... every picture lives upto the true feeling of Rajasthan... only wants us to visit it ASAP...

Deepa Raman said...

lovely capture of Haveli looks very grand...looks simply great..

I would like you to do a guest posting in my Blog whenever you have time.let me know..

Sudha said...

Loved the new look :)... and such wonderful travelogues make it easy to refresh yourself after a stressful day!

vineeta said...

Susan come to India- it will never disappoint :)

Deepa, Its a great idea & must discuss & take it further :)

vineeta said...

And thank you each of you, Shilpa, Suzan, OOATT,Layers, Gosia, Gillian, Adulakavishesham, deepa & sudha for stopping by & appreciating the new look- I'm SO excited about it :)

Rekha said...

Loved the idyllic charm of the old mansion and the mirrored walls as well. Lovely post as usual.

Lana said...

Wow!! Amazing place, the details, colours, everything! Great pics!

suji said...

Beautiful. The way you have captured the beauty and colour compels us to go thro the pics again and again.
In one of the pics withmirror on the wall how do they embedd the mirror?

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