Saturday, March 21, 2009

Country Living-Indian Style

Simplicity. Style. 2 words that are the hall mark of the design of this astounding Farm house on the outskirts of Jaipur. Munnu Kasliwal who is legendary in the jewellery busines & part owner of the famous Gem Palace in Jaipur went with the maxim 'Less is more" when he went about designing this austere piece of art. Kasliwal was particular that the home used local work ,men, materila & inherited know-how, and there is no 'air conditioning' in this home of a person used to staying in the best 5 stars across the world.

The natural tones of the materials create the colour palette, the warmth of the wood balances the cool of the stone floors & the pristine white walls.
There are no glass panes in this home & the simple horizontal iron bars let a free flow of air in & out of the home.
Natural material & textures make decor elements
The kitchen uses only brass vessels.
This image is scrumptuous
The pink stained bathroom
And the freshly plucked roses from the lush rose garden
Simple rattan chairs
and simpler yet, iron banded side tables
The open terrace is used throughout the summer months
The thatched roof is made of local grass, cut and bound in a local traditional style, which Kasliwal laments is a dying art.
"To replace the trees he harvested to build the house, Kasliwal has planted various trees, mango, guava & neem for its anti septic qualities"

Images from some of the text is from the Vogue Nov 2008 Issue where this home was featured.


Shalini said...

Very earthy and calming. I love the look of the house, especially the terrace with the chiks.

Life Unscripted! said...

WOW what a beautiful house, absolutely gorgeous!

I would love to live in here :-)

Dithi said...

wow! Love this space! The pink-stained washroom,the open terrace and the thatched roof with local materials are so wonderfully planned and executed. The roses remind me of my ancestral home and its rose garden, we would have these roses all over the house, especially in the winter months. Brilliant post Vineeta, thank you and have a great weekend! Love. d.

Arch at Rang said...

Gorgeous post!

I am a sucker for rustic Indian style:-)

I am completely in love with that kitchen:-)


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

What a beautiful find, Vineeta! I loved the kitchen, and the red oxide bathroom, especially the nice touch given by the roses:)

- Sharon

Rowena said...

Outstanding. That is just a beautiful home. Looks so serene and relaxing and natural and simple. Yet stylish.

Lakshmi -Celebrations of Life said...

Lovely post.loved thekitechen and the pink bath.loved all the this space totally.

athira said...

Felt like I'd died and gone to heaven when I saw that bathroom. I want!

siva said...

Simply superb...


Siva said...

simply superb...

pRiyA said...

Oh God! Now i have to have a house like that, ESPECIALLY that pink stained bathroom!!!

sonika said...

marvelous!we love it.

Sony n Radhi

ArtPropelled said...

This could be my dream house. The kitchen is so beautiful. Love it all!