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Thursday, August 02, 2007

I am like most art people. Type fascinates me. Especially when its used interestingly. 'Really' by real people. Where its not a science or an art. When it has a job to do, and quickly. We then see it changing , morphing, acquiring strange & funny proportions. Hugely less than ideal. Perrfect!

So I am featuring here signboards, signposts, banners (things from our everyday life) of 2 places - India & ( a part of) the US. In the Indian signboards section, I've used some pictures from this super colourful book on Indian street art called 'Street Graphics India' by Barry Dawson.

Not to miss the illustration on the left :)


And look at these really interesting pics by Arti Sandhu. When she is not taking the amazing photographs which you can see on her Flickr account, she is a Design Lecturer in Wellington, Newzealand :)

Power of positive thinking.

Humour in instruction :)


For pictures on typography in the US I am relying solely on Justin J Travis whose rather extensive & exhaustive work on the subject i happened to discover on Flickr. His testimonial reads : "He is doing a great job of documenting some of the wonderful old things in Kansas City many of which will probably be lost soon. His images would make a fantastic coffee table book for those of us who remember a bustling down town, an active Union Station, Katz Drugs, and Signboard Hill before Crown Center.I hope he captures more before it all disapears."

A private local joke ?

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