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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

I was browsing Pinterest - the creative worlds new inspiration black book - to see if there is something inspirational that I can post on the Artnlight Fb page. A quote that speaks to me. something that will give someone a push or a quiet hand - or just an insight - when I saw this - wham!
I read this & saw how beautifully it is done & it took me right back to when I started art college and when I started my 1st years in advertising as a visualiser. I felt everyone around me was way more talented than me as far as art was concerned.
Words came to me easier than art did. The moment I got a brief I thought of words and lines and ideas 1st. And here I was hired and paid to do the visual thinking. I felt like a complete fraud. I tried and tried and I kept seeing artists work & working harder at honing what I had chosen as my vocation. When I look back the initial years still feel like a mass of yearning and yearning and struggling to do something that I wasn't naturally great at - good or decent maybe - but certainly not awesome. It was not an easy spot to be in - to not be at peace with the quality of your work. 
Sometimes I feel as a creative person, the goal post keeps shifting & that's the way your work grows. You keep seeing work that inspires you to push yourself harder and that is the cycle. 

So this is what I want to tell everyone out there who is working on getting better. Do yourself a favour. Stop judging yourself & instead do more work. Just keep creating. You need not share it with people if you are uncomfortable. But don't stop creating. 
Creative people are naturally very sensitive. Don't let your sensitivity become fear, don't let it stop you from creating. So yes, you feel your work has a long way to go? That's perfectly ok. We are not all born brilliant. Can you grow talent? Yes. Keep walking the path and keep creating. Set yourself deadlines to complete things. Say one new artwork a week. One article a day. One complete painting in 2 weeks. 
That is the ONLY way to get better. To work and to complete. Repeat.
And for all the people who are curious about the beautiful typography in this post - it is created by 
Casey Ligon. And guess what, there are videos that show us how she creates her gorgeous hand-drawn typography - right here.

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