Thursday, August 9, 2007


I have to admit it. I've never been to Zeba. Though I've seen their products featured regularly in the decor magaizines im always reading. Its a store i respect without even landing up. So that definitely makes it worth posting here? Yes it does. Here goes :

The prettiest picture goes up 1st. Lovely cushions, na?

Both bright and dressy

Cool table decor

Festive and formal arrangements

Colourful & vibrant Bedding Range

Zeba began by being famous for its handmade carpets & dhurries

I love these geometric ones.

For those abroad and interested, you are lucky, Zeba does have an international presence, for more information click here

And heres the man to blame for all of this. Krsna Mehta. "His art and creativity is reflected not only in his work but also his personal lifestyle. His new home in Bandra (Mumbai) was recently featured as a stylish home in Elle Décor, India and Elle Décor, Italy and was telecasted for stylish spaces on Star World's Style. ... Under his guidance, Zeba has achieved great heights including winning a laurel in The Limca Book of Records for the largest hand-tufted carpet in the world. Krsna has also won three prestigious awards at the Annual Elle Décor International Awards in India for 3 years in a row, 2002-2003-2004-2005. His inputs and involvement has repositioned Zeba as a home fashion brand from a home furnishing brand. "

Yes, I do plan to feature his place in a future post :)


Arch said...

Yep...I love Krsna Mehta's sense of colours, patterns & the lil bit of Bohemian quality that he brings into his creations.
The Zeba in Bangalore is really worth a visit...very inspiring. I have one Zeba rug which I completely adore :-)

Peggy said...

Can't wait to see his place. Those fabrics have me drooling. Ah, is if I wasn't already craving Hindu-inspired colors. You know, I believe I could have an apartment with an airmattress, pillows everywhere and just a lantern and be happy. Oh those colors.

Had never heard of Zebra, thank you.

Pacchai Milagai said...

hi vineeta.. very nice blog.. just visiting for the first time.

vineeta said...

arch, i was really feeling a bit icky about posting Zeba before visiting- I think i will definitely go soon :)

peggy, I'll post more about them once I land up there :)

pacchai, thanx :) do come by more often.Im completely enjoying blogging

Bhavna said...

Vineeta, you should definitely visit Zeba...I am their regular customer and infact showcased Zeba a couple of weeks back on 'An Indian Summer'! :-)

rupa said...

Hi Vinitha,
Very sensitive collection of interiors.. THe Mirza residence pics and your comments are truly worth appreciating. You have a good eye for great interiors..

vineeta said...

thanx so much Rupa :) Im glad u are enjoying this blog- do drop by often :)