A Bad Ad for Good Earth

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Having said that, I'm now free to wax eloquent about the place I've been a fan of for a long time :) The Good Earth site will tell you "Established in 1996, with its first store in Mumbai, GOOD EARTH is today recognized as a trend setting design house, which has created a unique aesthetic reflecting contemporary Indian Style. " What it won't tell you is the way you will feel after spending sometime within its walls. Good earth is not a store- its an experience. That tells you that life can be beautiful. Its like walking in a treasure trove of grace and colour. You come out feeling happy, with loads of ideas buzzing in and around and flying out of your head.

"The space flows through three distinct areas. The Good Earth store downstairs is linked to Verandah on the first floor through a light filled atrium with planters, trees and gurgling water. "

"Good Earth offers everything that you need to create your own Home Spa.. Make over your bathroom with water hyacinth baskets for your linen, aromatic candles, massage mats and pillows"

What is so unique about Good Earth is that it is consistently successful at recreating a very distinct mood, era or style with decor. So when you pick up each piece there is a very specific place it comes from & belongs to. It shows you that space can be held lovingly, moulded into different moods. Apart from their range of furnishing, table & bed line, cushions, cutlery & lighting effects, they also have theme and season based decor from time to time. Like Kashi, Bombay, Monsoon & Rejuvenate to name a few.

Every few months its a new story. So it might be a good idea to watch this space for more good news on Good Earth :)

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