Chandan Dubey's Gorgeous Home - Part2

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chandan Dubey's home, a symphony of colours woven skillfully through years of love, patience and across 2 countries. Each piece lovingly cared for and displayed. This is without doubt one of the most gorgeous homes I've had the privilege of seeing. And in this post you will see the photographs that were the result of abandoning my sentences midway to click. You will also get glimpses of what a fantastic hostess Chandan is. The snack were artistically served and beautifully laid. Everything came together gracefully and this was clearly not an effort for Chandan because there are only beautiful things in this home. Bought with reason and love, or inherited and holding memories of loved ones long gone and times that will never come again.

Chandan's gorgeous Chinese red laquered table

Chandan is a collector and I love how she groups and places her loved accessories in little groups around her home. She told me there are no 2 things which 'match' in the house & yet they come together so harmoniously, bright bold colours and muted neutrals, the Indian and the oriental aesthetic, serious art and local handicraft, each with its breathing space and voice intact.

And yes, I do know how lucky I am that I happen to live in Mumbai & was able to meet Chandan in her home & have the privilege to shoot it. I do count my blessings :)

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