Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank you & a winner :)

A huge thank you to all of you who responded so wholeheartedly to the 1st ever giveaway contest on this blog. I wanted to document it & also for the winner to be a complete surprise for me as well. So I did it the old fashioned way: cut up 40 chits, hand-wrote each of your names on it, folded them, jumbled it, shut my eyes & picked up one chit.

The Print Lover, do mail your address to me on vineetanair2222(at)gmail(dot)com. And Christine will mail you your gift. And don't forget to mail me which wall art piece you prefer :)


crypticrow said...

even the mere act of handpicking pieces of paper becomes a piece of art on your blog :) how i wish my name was on one of those chits! :D

The Print Lover said...

Yay! Thank you :)) I will mail you as soon as I decide on the print. They are all lovely.. its not easy to pick one!