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Thursday, July 17, 2014

There is a new excitement in the air and we are busy packing and parcelling off the purchases at Have you had a chance to check out the all new artnlight online shop?  I wanted to include something special for the 1st 100 artnlight buyers and that is when I remembered these inspirational post cards I had designed long back. These were made at a time when I was going through a state of mind not very different from right now. I felt the need to change, to shake things up. And when you are feeling like that, it helps to keep inspiration handy. Things that will keep the perspective clear, and give you strength and hope.
 This is my original post on this blog - from 6 years back :)
 Remember? - from here :)

You can frame them, use it as a book mark in your fav book or put it up on your softboard.
How can you get one - Shop for anything from and you get one of these postcards free :)

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