Festive with Royalty, Red, Blue and Gold

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Red, blue and gold for me always spelt royalty. Last year I did the Queen Series in red and blue - and I remember there was a huge, huge demand for a King & Queen matched set. It is something that completely did not strike me & so this year, here is introducing a matched King and Queen set in Reds, blues & gold. And I wanted to push it further and also explore different cultural variations on the theme - so I added one more design into this mix - the Royal coat of arms, with a very non Indian sensibility. Why not? :)
 The Visionary King with his strong aquiline profile & his eyes, far seeing, into the future, nobility, plans, their executions. The lines here are straight and clean and solid.
 In the rectangular format I get to indulge myself with a bit more of story telling. His vision is a balance of scriptures and sport.
The ever popular 'Bani Thani' which literally translates to 'made up & well dressed' is a foil to this King, to his all his straight scriptures and lines, her curves jewels and flowers.

Coats of arm, their symbolism have always fascinated me. I wanted to create something with Red Blue and gold around a Royal Emblem, any Royal Emblem.  And if it is reminiscent of another continent, all the better.

 These products are not yet on artnlight's online store. But they will soon be. Please wait for the announcement. 
And there's more. So stay tuned :)
This collection will be at my exhibition in Delhi, Here is the event invite,
Click on the 'going' button and COME :) Looking forward to meeting all of you.
On the 27th & 28th September, Serendipity, Chattarpur. New Delhi.

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