Art&Light at Serendipity, Delhi with An Indian Summer - Part 1

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Late, but better than never. I talk of the exhibition which was so much more than that and true to its word, it was really a Celebration of Design, Art & Culture. When I look back at the 3 days in Delhi, I'm filled with wistfullness, because that time won't come again. Why do I miss it so much? The pure adrenalin, the rush, the anticipation of how well an event will go, the unpacking and setting up - which we could do at leaisure. How beautiful Serendipity looked. When I think back the one visual that is dear to me will be the continual sweeping of the floors with Khus scented water, to cool the place down. And Bhavna diligently dropping fragrance into the huge marigold decorated pots at Serendipity. It was another world, so different from Bombay, so differently paced. And yet once the exhibition began it was business as usual. I have been at exhibitions where business has been so slow that I have had enough and more time to shoot, to hang out and socialise with fellow exhibitors. I had prayed that this should not be such an exhibition - yes I had wished that I be so busy selling that there was no time to hang out and chill. And yet when my wish was granted, I found myself wishing for a few moments of rest when I could relax and catch a relaxed bite at the beautiful terrace at Serendipity which I only could discover at the very fag end of day 1 of the exhibition. Sharing a few pics from that day - when we shot before the people came in and work began.
Delhi was so much warmth, of people who came in - so many told me "we've been readers of your blog for so many years & finally you are here" Meeting one of my 1st few buyers Vani Kurup, hearing that she still uses my products & that they are going strong, were special moments.

 Catch Thiru S's monumental work at his website
Anais Basu of  Tia Pakhi and Thiru S in a relaxed moment - before the madness began :)
 If anything is as good looking as their work it is the power girls themselves. Flag bearers of the exceptional Ek Karkhana & Miraas Jewellery

All set for the fabulous Hindustani Music by Vidya Shah, who transported the listeners to another era. And what better setting than the beautiously lit  Serendipity.
Stay tuned for one more post where you get to see close ups at the Art&Light room and better dekkos at Tia Pakhi and Leekhin.
Image credits: Vineeta Nair, Serendipity, Anaam

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