Artnlight at Godrej Interio with Sonu Sood

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This is a first. A hindi film celebrity on Artnlight. Ok, so there is a context to this. Godrej Interio's Upload &Transform- Season 3 is on and the celebrity whose home got transformed is the currently very happening Sonu Sood. In an interaction organised by Blogadda who are at the helm of many interesting associations between brands and bloggers, I had an opportunity to see the transformation of Sonu Sood's home, meet and chat with him about the experience, at the Godrej Interio Showroom in Vikhroli. 1st off what struck me was Sonu Sood's attitude, how completely grounded and non starry he was. And as the afternoon progressed what stayed back was his immense patience and grace in going through the rounds of endless picture taking and autograph signing every public appearance probably entails. When questioned about the experience and the time taken to complete the project, Sood said he was very happy with the results that did not take much time from when all the changes were agreed upon. While the event took place at Godrej Interio what was interesting to note was that barring the bloggers most people were interested in his health and time management skills. I know I was.
The sprawling Godrej Interio Showroom was portioned into interesting concept bedrooms and kitchen models. Here's a dekko.

 The travellers concept bedroom caught my attention. Love this picture display idea :)
 The brightest spot of the showroom. Thought I'd save it for the last.
One more angle. Couldn't decide which I like better. 
And those of you who are interested in winning a free Transformation of your space, do check out the Upload & Transform Season 3 by Godrej Interio.

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