Art&Light's Indigo Series

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

...leaving the air crystal and sweet and the dusty, used leaves sparkling. The lake surface was a diamond-dusted, dancing indigo... Anne Rivers Siddons

Indigo. Blues. There is a poetry in this palette that loyalists will vouch for. I know of people who wear only this colour, Whose homes are a study in blues. I have seen friends try and buy something else and give up and buy one more blue because nothing else is as good. Cooling, soothing classy. I have been dying to do blues and always stopped myself because it was so done. I finally gave in and here is the Artnlight Indigo Blue Collection. Ready to shop on the Art&Light online shop. 

Introducing small Boxes for the 1st time. At 5x5x2 inches, these are small hold your jewellery and make for great gifts.

New Small Trays 9x6 inches + Medium & Large trays in the Indigo series

Shop all this and a lot more on the art&light online store

Wishing all of you a cool, calm, peaceful and happy 2016.

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