Turquoise Love

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm on a blog unearthing spree and loving the treasures that are popping up. Today is Turquoise- what I mean is 'House of Turquoise' a one stop shop for all turquoise references- surfaces, walls, furniture, accessories, you name it & this blog has it in this gorgeous shade of blue.
Turquoise with silver

for quiet elegance
throw in a bit of black for drama

and white for peace
And red for effect

Isn't this pretty blue ceramic basic the cutest thing you've seen?

love the prints in this frame

Throw in a bit of lime and life really starts getting interesting

crank the lime up for stunning results

Sober the same palette down & you have sombre elegance
and deepen the palette and add carved wood for some oriental mystery
All images from House of Turquoise

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