Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I wanted to post about something different today, not about decor, not about the new year, so I was going through my archives and I saw this. Yes it is from Rajasthan, but the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur was designed and devised by a Colonel Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob (1841-1917) to greet King Edward VII as Prince of Wales on his visit to India.

We were walking away from the museum, its the last picture I took of the place
It is a museum like a lot of museums, we did our rounds I took a lot of photographs of the various intricate and antique metalware, and we were leaving, that's when I happened to look at the many pillars lining the verandah. And woah! I noticed that all marble pillars had a carving of the local flora, but each depicting a different type of leaf.
I clicked one and then couldn't stop. These pictures are all taken alike, almost like an academic study. All of us have seen most of the plants and leaves depicted, but I'm just so kicked to see how the sculptor got the different leaves to wrap the pillars in such symmetry. Beautiful.

I remembered being so excited clicking them, I did it so I could share it with all of you. Its just so cool to have this blog :) Makes me happy :) (I had a bit of a headache when I sat to do this post & now its gone)

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