Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Book shelves

My mom maintains that once kids start reading, they are no trouble. That's cause my sis & I were always holed in our story books & my granny loved to complain that if half of the time time we spent reading stories we spent on our text books, we'd do really well. I always began feeling a little sad as I approached the last few pages of a book. The fatter the book, the happier I would be- 'great, this will take a long time by the time i'm done.' Reading covertly at nights because I JUST COULDN'T put down that book, after my parents were asleep is one of the main culprits in making me a night person.
As I grew up books became the only things I would listen to. Advice worked for me as long as a person wasn't doling it out to me. Then art college happened and a whole new world of books and a world view opened up to me. I was-am a person who can't put a scissor to a book easily & I had to unlearn a lot of that in college, but this remains one of the main deterrents to scrap booking & journaling for me. But one lives & learns & this year I REALLY want to try some fun stuff.
Getting back to books, these guys need & demand their space. Unlike the internet, it won't go off at the switch of a button once you are done. And when you have as many books as your furniture in terms of sheer volume, then you need some serious solutions. That is in case you are not the kind who hops skips & jumps into your room through your piles of books. I happen to know a person half of whose bed is occupied with book & he lets no one touch them- well :)
For the rest of us, here is a blog dedicated to bookshelves. Yes, you heard right. A blog that is only about book shelves, called Books at home. Check it out.
Floor to ceiling "egg-crate cases" by Hugh Newell Jacobsen
"egg-crate cases" by Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Collapsible Shelving

I discovered this very interesting gentleman called Enzo Mari who has designed this bookshelf
Eiermann shelvingFront & back shelving
The penguin donkey(what a name!) by isokon

A modern version of The penguin donkey by isokon
All images from Books at home.


Life Unscripted! said...

Very eclectic Book shelves.
Loved the Collapsible Shelving. I love to have books around me.
Lovely Post.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Found your blog recently and absolutely love it:) Great ideas on book shelves. A book lover is always on the lookout for more creative displays:):)

Aditi said...

Nice bookshelves! Check out http://isuwannee.blogspot.com/ for more bookshelf inspiration.

Christina said...

The vision I have for my art studio is almost exactly the second photo you featured! I'm thinking now that I need that modern penguin donkey for my living room--so much cooler than a coffee table. Great post... two down!

Rowena said...

I too read all the time, into the night, constantly. And it was my grandfather who used to complain about my habit of reading everywhere.

Love to have books around me. I even love the look of books in piles.

bhumika said...

For me, books are really sacred. I don't even mark them with a pen- always a pencil!

I blv the bookshelf draws a lot of character from the books it shelters.

This is a really nice collection. A year back i stumbled upon a post on creative bookshelves. If i happen to find the link, will surely share it with you :)

vineeta said...

Kanchan, Thanx :)isn't it an interesting collection?

Kala Pohl Studio,
Welcome to artnlight & do drop by often :)

Aditi, Thanx for the link, will check it out asap!

vineeta said...

Christina, The penguin donkey is indeed an interesting piece. Its a great exercise to put together a look for your art studio, what fun!
Yes 2 down :)

vineeta said...

Rowena, Aren't books the most necessary things in the world? I can't imagine my lie without them.

vineeta said...

Bhumika, My bookshelf at home is decoupaged with my fav poetry by Eliot, Hopkins & Vikram seth, so I so know what you mean. Do send me the link of you can find it :)

bhumika said...

A decoupaged bookshelf?! Wow. Please share the pics :)

The 1st thing i saw on this blog was the header with Vikram Seth's poem. I absolutely adore his work and was so happy to meet him in the Jaipur Literary Fest last month :)

Coming back to the bookshelf, i did a quick google search and found these. The link i was talking about had most of these:




vineeta said...

Bhumika, thanx for the links & for mentioning u went to the Literary festival, You met Vikram Seth & William Dalrymple! I could murder u from sheer jealousy :)
I quickly went over to yr blog -It was a beautiful post, bhumika, thanx for sharing the festival with us.

Rekha said...

gr8 design ideas, nice post vineeta

Anrosh said...

visiting book shelves -- that would be a great tour by itself.

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Oh that´s an important post for me... i´m decorating my new home and i have lot´s of books

love them!!! :)

i´ll check out this blog

tks for sharing

The Ketchup Girl said...

beautiful. I have a fettish for bookshelves. Given a chance, i'd fill my living room with bookshelves on all sides and them with books..and thats all that will add colour to the room ...have u checked Ikea for some reaaly cool shelves...

workhard said...

Awesome!!!!! Ur collection is bigger than the Public Library.


Shweta said...

Recently came across your blog and i just loved it...i make it a point to check it out everyday.Your bookshelves collection is indeed good.I would like to add on to it an unsual one.Hope you'll like it too.