Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zaheer's & Indira's colourful, idea filled home

This is a home I go to often. To celebrate happy times or just to spend some time when things are not great. Home to 2 people whom I really admire & love, Zaheer Mirza and Indira Rangarajan. Zaheer is an old friend, my ex-boss and one of the most talented and creative people I have had the privilege to know. If I have seen anyone who lives every moment of his life, whose head is full of ideas at any given point in time, who has the craziest sense of humour and is one of the wisest and most inspirational men I've met, it has to be Zaheer. His & Indu's is a home full of bright colours, brighter ideas and a lot of love. I'm excited because you will get to see some really cool conversions, as erstwhile stoves and kite spools shine in their new avatars - without saying much more - lets just see the happy place.
I love the solid colour palette.
Zaheer and Indu are both voracious readers and this book filled home is testimony to that.

Please look into the mirror & see Happily Unmarried's clothes peg & further, you will see milk measure spoons as candle holders
Zaheer 's endless fascination for the cabs in this city finds it way into the various aspects of decor in his home.

Isn't this trunk converted into a seat neat? I love the colours, the cushion, the taxi graphics & the Bollywood Rajesh Khanna cover, which came from Indu's home.
I love the sofa with its digitally printed upholstery - printed with Zaheer's taxi illustrations
The washroom's cool quotient just shot up with these interesting lampshades - who'd look at a kite spool & think of turning it into a lamp??!!
Saving the best for the last - The stove just got a new lease of life as a funky lamp shade!
Those interested can see more pics of this home here.


GB said...

Love that stove lamp. And bangles on kite spools?--genius!

Lovely warm home and they sound like such a fun couple to hang out with. Thanks for the tour Vineeta.

crypticrow said...

so much love and love for art in this lovely home! :)
loved most of the decor. esp the map on the lamp, and the love for cabs expressed in diff forms :D all those B & W frames on the wall also tell a vintage. so original.
and after all those warm colours all around, absolutely loved to rest my eyes on the bedroom walls and that pretty delicate curtain (yes, yes am a curtains lover!). sigh. god bless such geniuseness.

Shanthi said...

Lovely tour Vineeta and you can see how true all that you said about them could be. Loved the Bangles, Stove, the auto print - almost everything. Lucky to be surrounded by fun loving and intelligent people

Gunjan Pai said...

art n love forever :)

Nisha said...

Such a beautiful and personal home! I am so inspired, I want a home like this one :)

Paraphernalia said...

This is a house that reflects the style of a modern Indian family. Its absolutely beautiful and a true reflection of our modern taste. Vineeta, thank you for these pictures.

Nayana said...

last one is truly the best..what a great idea..

Priyanka said...

Now this is what we say Indian homes...Bright and Cool colors, Creative and a perfect personal touch. Simply loved the kite spools with bangles idea. Thanks for sharing the experience. Would love to see more such creative work.

CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

Love the bangles on the tube light. Amazing idea!

Sanjay said...

Having known Zaheer for some time now, I would have been surprised if his new home with Indu looked any different. Its lovely and whacky, just like Zaheer. Its warm and open...just like Zaheer too!

The only thing missing is the mean Biryani which Zaheer can rustle up when he is in the mood. Am waiting patiently for that day :-)

Sudha said...

its a pleasure to have seen this home....awesome pics V...and ur captions make such tour even more yummier :)

Anonymous said...

superb work sir....brilliant..even i love art..n drawing..but this is really creative...good job..