Diwali Lights

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I have been away for long and in a strange way resisted writing here. You know how it is when you haven't done something you love for long, you hesitate before you start again because it just means so much to you. But here I am and its been Diwali and like the rest of the world, we lit lamps, bought some new ones - which excited me :) How much joy a simple beautiful thing can bring. So the lamps are still sitting in front of me & I have not had the mind to pack it in. Sharing a few Diwali moments across the past days.
A simple string of lights thrown across my side table adds so much drama
All kinds of lamps come together, t lights, traditional Kerala oil lamps, candles and my new Moroccan lamp

I had fun pushing my lights around and shooting it in different angles :)
A pooja that's normally performed at home annually this time coincided with Diwali
Have finally shot some of my new range of Diwali products (the ones I still have a few pieces of) some I have sold out completely & have to make a fresh batch of. Will share my experiences and pics of both the exhibitions I took part in. Plus some home tours and some even more interesting people and their stories. Lots coming up on this blog, so stay tuned. God I've missed you guys and this space :) Welcome back :)

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