Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things Thai

You never know the treasures that you might find at any given random moment. One such moment was when I was standing listlessly staring into space as a friend went about purposefully buying her grocery. Something catches my eye & the next minute I'm bargaining the price of this book all the while trying to not look like I will pay anything to take this find back home. My random morning had gotten transformed. Imagine, travelling all the way to Thailand and devouring its exquisite handcrafted treasures complete with detailed explanations. Simply by slipping open the covers of what I held in my hand. Oh, the gods are kind.
Buddha's, dragons, elephants, jewellery, monastries, scripture cabinets, thai costumes are just a few things among the many that get detailed mention in this book.

The painstaking procedure of embedding mother of pearl into lacquer is explained in detail. Just reading it is exhausting. The book concludes that understandably such laborious techniques are not used anymore.
Thailand loved its 'paan' as well it would seem. And betel chewing was very much part of the cultural past of Thailand with all its attendent paraphernalia, some of it famed for its very high order craftsmanship.
Traditional Thai household life was spent mostly on the floor. This dressing table is clearly designed to use from floor-level.

There are many parallells to the Indian way of life and decorating that I find in this study, which I shouldn't find surprising. This is probably not the last you will see of this book. If I feel very South East Asian, I will quickly dip into the this book and share some of it with you as well.


pRiyA said...

oh ya, was planning to visit Thailand sometime and return loaded with all the exact same stuff featured here.

Divya said...

Reminded me of my Thailand visit 10 years back!! I came back with lot of pretty stuff.. and that too at very cheap rates. Go girl, go to Thailand, spend the weekend there and send us some more awesome pictures :-)
Love your blog!!

Jardino said...

Thank for you sharing this visual feast with us... the Thai style is so rich, so beautiful!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely finds

kendalee said...

Isn't it remarkable how a book can enrich and transport one?! I am so glad you managed to acquire this, and thank you for sharing it with us. Thailand certainly is a land of beauty. Many years ago, when such things were possible and I had no time constraints, I went for ten days and ended up staying for seven weeks 'cause I was so enchanted.

ArtPropelled said...

So glad I found this post. No wonder you had to have the book!