Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chitra Aiyer Photography

I first met Chitra Aiyer a few years back on Flickr. Even then I knew she really took her photography seriously. She posted almost daily and I loved that her photography followed her life & she shot where she went, which meant that her pictures were never about the same thing. She also starting taking a serious interest in shooting people. Cut to now, Chitra takes on assignments to shoot weddings, family, children and even fun college get-togethers. And she shoots in natural light. I wish there were such things when I was in college, atleast I could bear to look at the pictures years down the line. I look forward to Chitra's Photography page updates on her new assignments. What I love is the freshness in her approach and that nothing or no one looks artificial or posed in her pictures.

Its clear how comfortable Chitra is with people, because these people who are not models, look happy and easy in these pictures.

I love these shots, the getting ready and the details.
I get a sense of the piognancy of the moment when I see these beautiful pictures.
The many emotions a bride goes through, to see more of this album click here.
I love this picture, its a brilliantly captured moment.
Chitra is a trained architecht and lives in Bangalore with her husband and kids. She also writes a popular blog about returning to India, Bangalore and her photography.


Chitra said...

Thanks Vineeta.:)

Truly appreciate the effort you have put into making little collages of the pics - and such a long post too. :)

Thanks again.

Arch at Rang said...

Two of my fav people online coming together in a post:-)

Great job both of you:-) Vineeta for posting and Chitra for great people photography!


lilasvb said...

beautifull pictures of wedding, thanks for sharing

eve's lungs said...

Beautiful and evocative photographs . Thanks for posting .

Anil P said...

The first picture, striking. So much mood and so much community in it.

Life should be in black and white, even if living isn't!

Divya said...

Amazing photos. Chitra, I loved the Tamil wedding pictures and the Friends pictures. If you are in Bangalore, I am going to approach you for my sister's wedding!

Went through your blog today. Amazing!!Especially the R2I part, esp since I miss NY so much!!


Georgianna said...

Beautiful work, indeed, Chitra. Thanks so much for sharing, Vineeta! – g

Jardino said...

Such beautiful moments caught in time... stunning work!

Gillian said...

I'm blown away by not only this photographers talent, but at her subjects themselves...she really allows them to shine. I'm totally enamoured. Thanks for sharing her with us Vineeta~ xoxo

Shalini said...

Superb compilation...I love Chitra's wedding shots.

lou said...

i finally have the time today to look closely at these pictures and i'm realizing they're jawdropping. make me want to visit india instantly and explore the culture. thank you vineeta for this stunning post.

Chitra said...

Thanks each and everyone of you for your kind words and for appreciating my photography.

Thanks again, Vineeta. :) Hugs.

Divya, thanks. Sure, would love to cover your sister's wedding. :)

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