Two artist's and a beautiful home

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is a home I'm so excited to share with all of you, not just because it is a beautiful space. But because it is a home of 2 artists, Savia Mahajan and Vipul Salvi. Savia and I clicked with each other from the word go. I went across to meet her over a weekend and the minute I walked in, I knew I had to feature this home here. You can read Savia Mahajan's previous post here. I had just spoken to her on the phone but meeting up with her was so much more. You know how it is, you imagine someone to be in a certain way & Savia was such a surprise. She was completely down to earth and so open and enthusiastic about the whole thing. We spoke of so many things, her art, her travels, her journey, sitting in this home, which reflects so much of each of those aspects.

The passage outside her home. The shell wall piece is from Philippines.
Step into Savia's and Vipuls home. The living room is big, bright and airy. And to the right is the wall full of Vipul's and Savia's work across the years.
One could spend so much time looking at all this art framed differently and interestingly.
The grey velvet sofa serves as a stand for a set of beautiful black and white photographs.
Loved the red cushions on Savia's cane round seaters
This simple and elegant black shelf holds many of the couples books and souvenirs from across the world. I especially loved the Hindu Gods sequinned book cover from Dhoop.
The artwork is Vipul's and to the left are Moroccan lamps from Casablanca.
The far end of the Living room has a purple-pink wall and a gold painted door,
And dominating the room, above the dining table is a painting of Jesus Savia did for an exhibition & Vipul liked it so much that they agreed to just keep it. It is such a stunner.

This side board holds many colorful knick-knacks along with the red and green wine holders from Dubai
The paintings are from Rajasthan. The couple comfort with colour is evident from the bright spots of colour that you see popping up every now & then & yet it is all balanced well.
This urli is a treasure from the couples trip to Kerala.
And I love what Savia has done with it, she has arranged shells and stones with a lotus draped duck right in the middle of it. Beautiful.
Vipul's paintings line the passage
The couples Altar. Savia is a christian and Vipul a hindu & Savia says this altar evolved because each of the people who stayed with them in their Dubai home left back their little gods & Savia just didn't feel like throwing the pictures away. So the gods stayed back and got this beautiful orange & yellow painted wall. To the left are framed Vipul's many advertising awards.
Loved the bell; and the birds :)
There is so much art around this house, its not surprising, but it is just so beautiful.
Savia's work.
And now for the most interesting part of this whole story- The STUDIO!
It is always a great privilege to enter an artists studio & I'm happy & excited to feature the 1st studio this blog has seen. YE!
I was looking around in this treasure trove and I saw this: A peacock feather propped against one of Vipul's earlier works.
It is my utter privilege to be able to see an alive art space like this.
Every wall and corner in the studio told a different story. An interview with Savia is coming up next & I will feature more of the studio pictures there.
One of Vipul's earlier works hang above the bed. I love the colours & the graphic treatment.
Glimpses of the kitchen.
knives and glasses
loved this bovine butter holder.
And as is the custom here, I close with one of my favourite images of Vipul's art with these masks from Bhutan. I really had a tough time shortlisting the final images that would make it to this post, there were so many beautiful pictures to choose from.

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