Tuesday, April 14, 2009

News you can use - Wood World, Maram.

When the people from Maram wrote to me, I was slightly wary. But I checked the link they sent me & it was seriously crammed with goodies. Especially if you are a lover of antique wood & the prospect of living with beautifully carved relics appeals to you. At Maram (which means wood in most south Indian languages) an old door can become a table or frame a mirror. An old Ayurvedic medicine chest morphs into your cd holder or the famous urli becomes your wash basin. Life gets interesting.
Sheila and Krishna Baru help design your interiors & this is part of one such project. I loved the old door in the contemporary room.
A beautiful old world centre table transforms this room
Love the roll top table and the wood against the yellow wall [reminds me of archana's home :)]
I fell in love when I saw this. Gorgeous.
All black carved headboard of a bed.
More carved headboards, so regal.
I'd seriously pick this up. This mirror converted from an old door frame, can double any space.
This one's called the Kamadhenu door.
I liked this concept. Its a free standing pooja(prayer) cabinet. Normally people who can afford the space have an entire pooja room. But for the space starved, this is a brilliant option. Bombayites, are you listening?
This is a Thai diwan - true fusion. Diwans are the sofa equivalents for Indians & this is a thai version. Coool.
I liked these, though they are carved, they are really solid.
A beautiful carved old Goan chair.
The combination of the woven cane and the carving, make these chairs interesting.
On the left is a beautiful cupboard with a lotus tile inlaid. But look at the right- this is seriously neat- the urli as a basin.
Bed side tables with fret work.
This mirror frame is made from bed parts. The great news is that a lot of their furniture is custome made.
I read a couple of articles written about them in Elle & Femina (from their website) which said they are not exhorbitant. So all the more reason to check them out. I'm suddenly wishing I was in Bangalore. Or that they came here to Bombay.


Rajee Sood said...

You bet I too wish they were in Mumbai ...that bird carving is surely heirloom material ... well I'll just be happy with the though we are darn lucky to have this easy an access to such great craftsmanship ... thanks Vineeta ... I am off tocheck out there web site ... :)

Fernanda R. Lima said...


Shrinidhi said...

I heard of Maram from a friend's friend's and we have been buying quite a lot of stuff from them for our home...a visit to their place is a delight and you cannot tear yourself away from the quaint furniture available there. I always have a tough time deciding what I need to buy because there is sooo much on offer! And the prices are great too!

Arch at Rang said...

A couple of friends have picked up some pieces from them and what really appealed to me was they customize it according to your needs.

Have to visit their store sometime...

Thanks for sharing:-)


Vardhna said...

Hey Vineeta, I just love your blog.... its brilliant.... U always come up with most interesting work...
Hats off...
Dis post on Maram was really interesting... i know u live in Mumbai but do u have any idea where to get good furniture in Delhi?

vineeta said...

Rajee, I did read in one of the interviews they have in either Elle or Femina that they were considering opening a store here. So lets hope it happens :)

Fernanda, aren't they?

vineeta said...

Shrinidhi, your comment here is so invaluable because you validate for other readers and me, how amazing a place Maram is. Thanx a ton & welcome to my blog, this the 1st time you've left a comment?

Arch, I was really hoping to hear from you on this & I figured you'd know about them :)

vineeta said...

Vardhana, thanx for saying u love this blog- it always makes my day :)

About your question, I'm really sorry, I've been to Delhi exactly one and half times & I'm really in no position to advice anyone of where to shop there.
The only 2 places for great furnishings & interesting shopping I know of there are the PlayClan (funky stuff) and the People tree. And that's hardly any help.

But I can request my readers who are from Delhi: if you read this comment & can help, do leave a comment here to help Vardhana.

Keep dropping by :)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Lovely vineeta,great to have featured Maram.i have heard of it when i was in bangalore.but never made the opportunity to go see their store.
Vardhana:Check out fab india at GK,Vasantkunj for stylised clean line furniture,all types of furniture u will find at paharganj and kirtinagar(modern and traditional)and reasonable prices too.
mehrauli-gurgaon,there used to be some shops,
gurgaon,there are some branded shops.
good luck for ur furniture hunt

Vardhna said...

Thanx Lakshmi,...
Nd People's tree is a brilliant store.... very funky kind of stuff...
next time u cm to Delhi u shd go to janpath...

Mohua at Godindesign said...

Vineeta, great site. I take a lot of inspiration from you! Also loved the Maram furniture! Superb carving!!

@Vardhna Though I am out of touch with Delhi furniture scene for sometime, I know that most areas of Delhi have local furniture shops who would be able to design stuff of your choice (of course not the carved ones!).I got some solid wooden furniture from Kalkaji and Munirka markets, which have survived four shiftings over a span of twenty years without a scratch! Try out areas like Kalkaji, Munirka, Lajpat Nagar etc. And yes, Gurgaon is coming up in a big way and there are some great shops on way from Delhi to Gurgaon! Do also visit Paharganj!

Vani said...

I was looking for diwans (didn't know the word in French)... and I stumbled onto your blog. Thanks for sharing... it's my dream to have furniture like this; maybe some day... :) Cheers!