The Lions of Mehrangad

Thursday, April 02, 2009

It is appropriate, that the 1st mention the Mehrangad fort gets on this blog, begins with its many Royal Lions, the king of beasts. Because Mehrangad is a fort/palace complex the likes of which are rare in this world. Its labyrinths speak of a history so rich and filled with valor and stories of the past that it will remain etched in my memory as the most regal face of Rajasthan, i have seen so far. Here is giving you a peek into the treasures and artistry that this palace holds within its walls. Silver Palanquins on which the King and Queen rode to meet the masses, embellished with intricate carvings of the Lion.
Solid, carved silver Palanquin sits on its marble pedestal
This is a gold Lion unlike the other silver ones
Do click on the picture to see the intricacy of the carvings
As a design person I have so much respect for the artisans who've interpreted the Lion like this. Check the detailing on the mane & the ornament on its forehead.
The body language of this Lion is almost like that of a shy bride- interesting.
Expect many more posts of this Palace among Palaces in the coming weeks.

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