Friday, April 17, 2009

The Colourful world of Nilofer Suleman

Welcome to the kitschy kitsch world of Nilofer Suleman. A world animated by oily men and big bindied colourful women. Her canvases are snapshopts & extremely artistic and tongue in cheek slices of the normal Indian life. I love the elements one finds in her work the 'Indian poster art typography', roadside signage, truck graphics and the colours of India, undiluted and unapologetic. Nilofer also happens to be one of the very few Indian artists who has a blog and chooses to sell her art through her blog, Raw Umber.

Gods and Hindi Movie posters are another feature that keep appearing on her paintings. “If there are two things in India people are absolutely crazy about, they’ve got to be religion and cinema. They are taken to, any day any time” -Nilofer Suleman. To read the complete article/interview click here.
"Modern Fishes - fish a day keeps the apple away"
And I love love love the blouses her women wear & her canvases are stuffed with delighful detailing.
And you must must read the descriptions of these situations on her blog.
A middle class family against a backdrop of the most scintillating filmy posters :)

Bollywood and Imported
English Cut Indian Cut
Multicolour Hair dye
Her characters, 'Chinnamma' 'Jayaram' and the rather lecherous 'Sohanlal Rasia' form a colourful tableau.
"Bajrang Gymnasium - Hygenically Healthcare" :)
"Royal Fantasy Paan centre"
Two of her earlier works.
Part of the Marathahalli couple series. And for all interested in buying her art do contact her on this no or write to her on the mail id shown in the picture above. Nilofer Suleman also happens to be the very talented Shilo Suleman's mother.


Aditi said...

I loved this! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic colours, lines and images. More resplendent than life. Nilofer Suleman is easily one of the best artists ever.

-- Rajendar Menen

Arch at Rang said...

Beautiful work!

The colours and the characters are amazing!


Sharmishtha said...

This is awesome, awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

She misses nothing; even the minutest details are included. India is a haven for writers and artists with its over the top colours, smells, diversity and sounds. Nilofer has captuered it all!

--- Horse!!

Anonymous said...

Nilofer has suffered the twin burdens of great beauty and great talent with aplomb. Her slender shoulders have borne this weight over the years with immaculate grace. She is modest to a fault and thinks nothing of the virtues destiny has so easily showered on her. Look at her work and you will understand my words. Destiny has chosen her to paint the world!

--- Bertie

Anonymous said...

I have literally grown up with Nilofer -- to put it politely. Even as a very young woman ensnared by the colours of life, she painted a canvas vastly different from the others I knew. Her passion and commitment, even towards the mundane, everyday rituals of life, was something else. She delved, even into trivialities, with an eagerness and innocence; honesty was her means and her end, her only credo. We lost contact, the years passed, and today I see that the nascent talent, bursting out of its cocoon at that time, has taken to flowering, and how! Her colours, like her, simply torch the senses!!

-- Kim

vineeta said...

I thank all of you who have commented here. Aditi, Rajender, arch. Sharmishta, Horse, Bertie & Kim. I'm truly grateful & happy to read these comments, because a part of me droops when I feel, I've posted about a phenomenal artist & the comments aren't many. I'm like, "Look at this work!!! How can you see it & just pass it by?!! I cannot understand. But this is a fleeting world with less time & I have myself committed similar crimes :) We have no time to stand and stare. But thanx, even after many days of posting the comments are heartening :)

Anonymous said...

I am writing this from Bombay and can't help commenting on Nilofer Suleman's work.

Art, like the rest of India, has been taken over by morons. Somehow, morons and the patently untalented and unskilled, get an overdose of publicity. Those who are secure in their talents don't seek out media attention; rather they shy away from it.

I was recently in Pondicherry and met a man on an old cycle having cha at a roadside shop. He was in ganji, shorts and in rubber chappals. We started talking and I realised that he was the author of over 20 books and a visiting lecturer at Harvard. I asked many questions and finally he said he would talk only if I promised him nothng would get printed as he didn't want publicity and wanted to continue his journey in anonymity.

I returned to Bombay and walked into an art gallery (they have sprouted everywhere like an unhappy rash) and met the owner. He told me that he had no job in Bombay and realised that he could make good money selling paintings. He hadn't even heard of the great Picasso. He was an art dealer selling paintings like someone sold cement or fountain pens or saris.

A few days later I saw his picture in the papers as a serious dealer in art hosting the glitterati!!!!!!

I say all this in the hope that Nilofer continues in the anonymity she chooses. Popularity doesn't mean quality, and great quality is never popular because the numbers rest with the mediocre.

Hers's wishing this supreme talent called Nilofer Suleman great luck. May she never be blinded by the populism of the marketplace however tempting its pecuniary gains. May she continue in her quest for purity.

--- Madhav

Anonymous said...

I like all the colours but why can't Nilofer Suleman paint nature, birds, animals, trees etc etc?...why just stick to people? Vultures and horses with their fantastic faces and instincts will make for great topics.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, marketing and hype are important. Does Nilofer Suleman have a global presence? Or a gallery in India devoted exclusively/largely to her work? Does she sell mainly on the net?? A more user/buyer friendly blog/site may be necessry.

Many questions. Many answers needed.

-- Ambat Unni

Rajendar Menen said...

Returned to the blog and read and re-read all the comments.

I particularly liked the comment made by Madhav. He is so right. Morons rule. Can you imagine a Nobel laureate or a top of the rung economist or a man of letters winning against an obscenely stacked item girl in the current hustings?? Out of the question; he will lose his deposit. The masses have been divorced from quality for so long that they don't even recognise it any more.

I fully agree that quality and populism have nothing in common and Nilofer Suleman should look solely at a quality audience. There is also a large quality audience in a nation bursting at the seams; we have all types, so she needn't worry.

Waiting to see her new work and possibly meet her too.

--Rajendar Menen

Domestic Goddess said...

It was nice to go through this post. Lovely use of colour and strong characters.

Sakala said...

Reading the commentary. Just wanted to add one line, each to his own. If she likes to be creative and is shy about her work, so be it. India is a free country and we have Hussains (who has mastered the art of playing the media like a fiddle), and then a Raza, shy and quiet. Both talented, even though I consider Raza far more talented, but then who am I to judge, I dont have the money to buy either of them:))