Art Attack, an Exhibition in Mumbai

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Work, work, work. And now finally an upcoming exhibition. This Friday & Saturday (19th & 20th July) I will be taking part in an exhibition after what seems like ages to me. In the interim I have been busy with many orders and the regular online sales. These past few months have seen me pre-occupied with paperwork, banking, my employees (yes- plural :) :) How to hire and retain and inspire the people who anyway work with you. I have seen seismic shifts in the way I see them, my business and in the way I accept that yes, I do have a 'business' and that there is no point in calling myself an 'artist' just so I can turn away from my responsibilities. The buck does stop here, with me. And as it has been my experience with all things over the years, that which receives your energy, grows, healthier. 
I was beautifully surprised with the amazing and warm response my cursive piece "Love" garnered. Sharing with you a few new things from the Artnlight Studio. New extensions of your favourite designs. A few revivals. Some samples. 
 The King Design has been immensely popular and I am happy to present boxes as an extension of the line.

 The Rajasthan Royal Faces design now as a Box
 I don't think most of you remember this, but this was one of my oldest and 1st designs.
 This is a Bin I made for a client on her request. And I am myself surprised by how beautiful it looks.
Most of these designs will be available at the ART ATTACK Exhibition this 19th and 20th July (Friday & Saturday), Timings are 10am-8pm, Aashirwad Art Gallery, Cumballa Hill, 4 Nanak Niwas, Warden Road, Mumbai. 
Will post about my fellow exhibitors SOON. Watch this space :)

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