Diwali and a MORA give-away.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It is Diwali. Everyone has strung up lights. Everyone is making sweets and snacks. I don't know if it has to do with the passing years or if I never felt much excitement about Diwali. Or any festival for that matter. Festivals are the one time I've felt more like a spectator than a participant. I wear the festive clothes become happy to meet people, but somewhere inside I don't quite get it. Maybe I'm just a little weird. I woke up happy today, and lit lamps with mom. Who is highly excited about everything and one of the most quietly (but firmly) enthusiastic human beings I've ever seen :) :) So everyone is wishing each other. And all is well and the good cheer is contagious :) And i want to celebrate in a way that has meaning for me. I know all of you love Mora Sarees and Ritika Mittal. I do :) 
This is for all of you who faithfully read this blog despite the erratic posting. Really. Thank you.
For sticking with the blog and with me.
So we will have a Mora Giveaway for Diwali :) 

When Ritika and me were doing the Mora shoot this blog had turned 5, and we were discussing it, so I was telling her about the give-aways I was planning & she said - even I want to do a give-away on your blog! How do I do it? I explained and both of us promptly got busy with our lives. I didn't push for it because i knew her life was crazy busy, there was just too much happening and like me she is a one-woman army. But before she left Bombay, she called me and said we have to meet & I have to give you the give-away! 

I always smile when I think of the few times I have spent with Ritika, full of mad laughter, high voltage, but always at home. Whether we are dancing through the streets of Kohima, whether we are bumping along in a rick in Mumbai or sharing our deepest thoughts over a quiet meal. Always full of light. Sometimes bright, sometimes blinding and sometimes muted but very warm. So here's celebrating the festival of lights with a MORA giveaway.

Sharing a few behind-the -scenes pics from the Mora Shoot.
 Kajal or Kohl was the only make up we wore for the shoot. You can see gorgeous Kalpana Goenka's pictures wearing Mora here.
You can see a few of my pictures wearing MORA here.
We were bumping along on our way back from the shoot & I saw this. This has to be one of my fav pictures of Ritika :)

Coming back to the give-away. 

What do you do to win this gorgeous MORA Stole?
Just share with us in a comment what tradition means to you and what you do to keep it alive in your life.  This give-away is not limited to only those who live in India. Everybody stands a chance & everybody can comment :) :) 
The last date for commenting is 20th November 2012. Spread the word and comment away :)

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