Tradition & the MORA give-away.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am just so touched by all the responses on the MORA give-away's comments section. Somewhere unwittingly a chord has been touched. I have resonated deeply with so many of the comments and some of them so much that I could have written those very words. Its made me re-think my reactions to tradition and what one defines as tradition. It has inspired me to look back into my archives and pull out  visual records of my interaction with tradition across the past couple of years. 
From someone for whom traditions primarily meant rules, do's-don'ts and therefore resisting it, to helping my mother with her firm adherence to it with more and more ease and acceptance with each passing year, I think I'm making my peace with where I come from.
This post is a virtual hug & is dedicated to each one of you who graciously and genuinely wrote your selves and your hearts out for the MORA give-away. 

These pictures are from different times from different places. They are not linked, but all of them are symbols of tradition and rituals of different sorts. And since I'm a south Indian that part of Indian tradition is what is mainly represented.
Pooja or Puja is an offering / prayer to a deity or God/goddess. More explanation here.
I was fascinated to see the speed and precision with which the Pujari's worked
All the colours are from natural elements or plants/seeds/roots or . No synthetics here. 

The Homa or Havan/ the holy fire is another important component of traditional Hindu prayer/rituals
The Aiyappan Puja.
This is the same as the picture above this. Looks so different because during the Puja, all the lights in the room were put off & the lamps were lit. This picture is taken after the puja, and after the lights in the room came on.
This is recently shot, after I knew in my head that I want to post about Tradition.
Kolam - am so delighted to find wiki links to most of these traditional words :) 
Tuesday is the last day for the Mora Give-away, so all interested, please do remember to log in your comments. And if you are having trouble doing so, just shoot me a mail saying so. We will see what we can do :)

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