Invite to the Nine Lives Exhibition in Ahmedabad

Monday, February 14, 2011

The details I promised: The exhibition is in Ahmedabad and is called Nine Lives. To say I'm excited will be an understatement. Have been slogging these past 10 days towards it. Please do come all of you who can. Do treat this as a personal invitation. I will be happy to meet you :) And you will also get to see the new products I have created . Some of it just makes me so happy. Its stuff I have been wanting to make for a while & not moved my ass on. Finally its all ready & finishing touches are in progress. I am just sooo grateful to be able to have fun like this.
Here's the jpg of the invite Rachita Parekh sent. She is the founder of Nine Lives, which is an organisation dedicated to promoting arts & crafts. The exhibition is on the 18th & 19th of Feb at the Safal Profitaire, in Prahladnagar in Ahmedabad.

That's my name in the 3rd last line to the right - fun!!
And imagine my surprise when I saw this jpg that she sent me as part of the press coverage the exhibition is getting. I never knew I will ever feel so happy to see my designs thus dotted in news print :) Ahmedabad Times, Feb 13th 2011.
I have taken a few pictures of the new stuff & if I get time before the exhibition, I will definitely share it here. Its been a huge learning experience these 10 days. Planning, managing workers (this one has to be the biggest) and really putting in my maximum. And in all of it to see the huge amounts of support I get from my mom & my friends. I'm just so grateful.

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