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Monday, July 21, 2008

This post is a live example of my ample procrastinating abilities. Shruti & Shaila of Eucalyptus wrote to me way back in April about an exhibition at their store & that's when I checked out their site & was like- WOW, these guys really know their work- I have to feature them. And guys today the day has finally arrived!!! Ok, now that I have advertised some shameful inside stories, we can get on with Eucalyptus and how cool they really are.

"So how does a Champa tree that you pass by without a second glance or a simple Peepal leaf so commonly found in every other street corner become an intimate part of your life? Eucalyptus bridges the gap and brings in the outdoors into your day-to-day lives."
I'd love to go to Hyderabad one day & soak in this airy ambience. "The browsing experience at Eucalyptus is real time. You know how exactly that cushion would look on your couch. On display are real world bedrooms, dining area, walls etc all outfitted with Eucalyptus products."

Part of the beautiful Pipal collection
They have these amazing Indian design themed collections like: Sheesham, Champa, Pipal, Chaupad and Jharokha to name a few.
"The Jharokha design collection: The prominent arches (windows) of Hyderabad comfortably adapt themselves onto textiles as runners for tables. The colours are catchy, tracking back their genesis to the saffron of Biryani and turmeric in the curries. The arch window narrates tales of abandoned monuments, now housing stray birds and cats. Just right for Heritage hotels and ethnic Indian homes!"

"The Chaupad inspired collection: The ancient dice game of India has inspired the rich blue Mangalgiri runner embroidered with kantha. Interestingly, one can actually play on it with cowries and wooden gotis. Ideal for a clubhouses or guestrooms where you are meant to play and unwind!"

And this is just a peek into the amazing design and decor world of Euclyptus. Their site is a pleasure to navigate. The people behind this amazing show is entrepreneur Asha Reddy & the designer duo Shruti and Shaila. And like how all it needs for a match is to strike the right surface, the three came together to ignite this warm magic that is Eucalyptus. How I wish these guys were in Bombay.

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