Daram- an apparel store in Hyderabad

Friday, July 25, 2008

More interesting design news from Hyderabad & the designers at Eucalyptus! Shruti & Shaila have sent me these really cool pictures of 2 of their latest creative projects which I had to share with you'll. The 1st is for Daram- a new apparel store in Hyderabad which launched organic food from Timbaktu initiative : Dharmavaram

Daram is completely into handloom and now they also want to market the concept of food and clothing as one of the primary needs of the human being.
So what do Shruti & Shaila do as a to bring in the organic food element into the design of the store? They create this beautiful bird panel made with real grains demonstration graphically the very important role birds play in the farming. And guess what they dipped into for inspiration? They referred to the very famous 'Ek anek aur ekta' animation film which all of saw when we were kids :) :) You have to check it out here for nostalgias sake! Its a sad old print but what the heck :) This is how it looks from outside the store.
The other beautiful thing they have created is a panel for the residence of Raghavendra Rao, the famous Telgu film director.
It all began with this simple sketch.
And look at this stunning piece of delicate work. The cut work for this 9ftx9ft screen was manually done in the size of a rice grain.
Shruti, who has been following the comments closely has actually sent a close up of the intricate work. Brilliant isn't it?

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