Artnlight Circular Trays - Part I

Saturday, May 23, 2015

After what almost qualifies to be a sabbatical, I'm back. With good news. 
Artnlight Circular trays are now available on the Artnlight online store. These were a rage at the KalaGhoda Arts Festival and they kept me busy even after the festival with the bulk orders that came in. As exciting as it is to launch the circular trays online, I'm equally happy to share with you these pictures - which is the result of a collaboration with the very talented Sunny Kolekar. He brought to the table a fresh perspective, interesting locations, his gorgeous gorgeous props that I fell in love with and a truly lush sense of styling. 
In the picture along with the Royal Faces Circular Tray, are an antique Khandoba brass mask which is worshipped as the family diety in many families in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Next to it is Sunny's Vishnu Vilakku from south India. The temple jewellery is mine.
These trays come in 2 sizes. 10 & 14 inches diameter - their base is mdf and it has a metallic rim.
The Peacock trays are super popular and I've already made more of these than I had imagined I will.

By the end of the shoot, I'm afraid I became rather smitten with Khandoba here.

For all those who wish to take a better look at the collection click here. There are more designs coming up, so stay tuned. 

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