*New Circular Tray designs* & a Give-away!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Here are the new designs in the ArtnLight Circular trays. "Keep calm and eat Nutella" comes in 3 colours. Yellow, off white and red - 3 shades of fun. I saw the effect it had on people at Kalaghoda - whether or not they bought it - it definitely was a smile inducer. It even had a slightly tight fisted young man loosen his purse strings to please his girl friend who had set her heart on this tray. 
And as much fun as I had creating it - shooting this was even more of a kick. The young and talented Sunny Kolekar shot these and it was amazing how we found interesting locations at the IIT Campus. Some unexpectedly worked, some didn't. When we really look, its beautiful how much we see. 

Now for the exciting bit - you get to win a Circular tray of your choice. Yes, any one from all the designs. All you need to do is:
1. Like the Artnlight FB page, and if you have already liked it, share this FB album and spread the word about this give-away. 
2. Write in the comments section here "The one happy thing I wish would happen this year"
(You need to do both of the above to qualify to win. )
It can be a small or big thing, the silliest or noblest thing, it could be for you or for anyone else. 
The deadline is 4th of June, a week from now. 
Looking forward to seeing what will show up in the comments section.

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