Thank you 2013 & Hello New Year :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Because I cannot get into a New year without saying thanks to the old. Its not been easy to be away from this space. And its not easy to come back I'm discovering. As I sit here, I have dropped all notions of what I am going to post about, because the past few weeks I have tried to think about this & have come away with all the various different threads of thought completely tied up in knots. This past year has been an intense bout of living, travelling and working for me personally, and the internetscape and the ways one comminicates through it has also changed intensely. Last year saw me do things I would earlier never let myself do - for instance I 'launched' my Diwali Range on FaceBook before I wrote about it here. I have totally succumbed to the instantness of 'instagram'. I must admit that even as a someone who identifies herself as a blogger - I have seen myself spending less time on my blog and more time on FaceBook and Instagram and Pinterest. I discovered that what I do here requires not just physical time but also mindspace which I just didn't have till now. But here I am, and what a year 2013 was, a year chock full of work, a year when a lot of things I prayed for came true, one small step at a time. I learnt about planning and meeting deadlines where more than me I would have to depend on my people to deliver.


I learnt that no matter how challenging things may look, if your eyes are set on the final outcome, it will all fall in place. I learnt the power of negotiation, that people will meet you halfway, if you are willing to put all your cards on the table and ask for a workable deal.
But more than anything the lesson I learnt this year & the lesson I will never forget, was when you don't know how to make things better than they are and all you want is to do better by your people, because they give you their entire day in work, committment, sincerity, the universe conspires to grant your wish.This year saw me completely changing my attitude to my work, my business and my people. And for that one reason 2013 will always remain close to my heart.

Another thing that was special for me is that this year I picked up my brush again. This was something I had wanted to for a long time. After art college, I never ever got back to my sketch book or the brush. My stetchbook is still far away, but in a series of commissioned posters, I drew vines, I painted flowers and I stuck little diamontes as decoration.

And if that was not enough I even got to paint a cake - like wow. It was not my vision, but only on the insistence and the undying faith of Desiree Bradford of Goodie Bag, (who makes the MOST beautiful & yummilicious cakes one has ever seen or tasted),  I went ahead & painted the cake - and had a BLAST doing it :) :) Thank you Desiree for this, you know how much I loved this. And for a change you have pictures of me doing something, because this time Dez took pics of me painting the cake.

This cake proved something to me - if one has a simple heartfelt desire, it can come true in many beautiful ways - ways much beyond ones own limited ways of thinking.
I am completely determined to be here more often & share a lot more with all of you, god knows my archives are full of places I have been and stories that just have to be told. All of you who have checked in with me over my absence here, thank you so much & that fact that you read this blog matters to me more than I can put in words. You will see more of me & more of Art&Light in 2014 for SURE :)

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