Sunday, January 26, 2014

***Art&Light New Products***

How could I not share here in my space Art&Light's very well received 2013 Diwali range of products, I had designed a King range of products & I thought a Queen series would be a great follow up on that. This also happened at a super chaotic time, I was preparing for my exhibition at the Fuschia Tree's show 'The Cool Hunting Show' where this entire collection would be launched. I was travelling to 1st Goa & then Kolkata. And I got a week in Bombay in between all of that. It meant that every evening in Kolkata after coming back from a frenetic day of Pujo festivities and shooting, I just had to sit down and do my work, I was experimenting with new products - I was making cushions and Mugs for the very 1st time, co-ordinating with all the people who did this for me was done on the phone from Kolkata. It was crazy how this range put itself together. Sampling - matching colours on watsapp! all of this happened long distance. I had heard - winging it etc - but this time I saw how this could work. Would I do it again - yes if I had to, but not by choice. 

What makes me happy about this range of products is the hand painted gold details.
It takes that much more time & that much more love.
And it makes all the difference.


And now please meet the Botanical Range of trays & Mugs
Ofcourse there are also the King Mugs & the peacock Mugs, coming up next :)
The above series is not yet available on any online site, so far all the sales have been happening directly from me. But that will change sooon!! But for all of you interested in picking your favourite of this lot right way - just shoot me a mail on


Victoria said...

So beautiful and gorgeous...congrats..these are all stunning creations!

Designwali said...

absolutely stunning work! I love it all...don't know which one to pick!

Ambika @asunnyellowindow said...

Stunners! All of them. Loved the botanical one specially, a bit different from your usual designs.

Chandan said...

beautiful work Vineeta, the colors and concepts all !Has been incredible watch you grow in so many wonderful ways over the past few years! Waiting for more and more gorgeousness .. always !

Neha Sane said...

Beautiful, beautiful work Vineeta!! I am drooling over all the rani trays!! Such intricate work and such lovely hues. Me and my husband have recently bought a house and I was wondering if there is a way I could order one of these trays?

interiors decoration said...

Awesome designs.. Its all so beautiful.

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Brinda Nilesh said...

such a delightful collection!!