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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I have long been a fan Aditi Prakash of Pure Ghee Designs and the work that she does. Her grab-your-eyeball colours. The shapes of her bags, the aesthetics, the detailing, the finish. And then I happened to meet her at the IMC Diwali exhibition last year. We clicked instantly because she was so warm and very down to earth. What won my heart was she looped one of her famous charms onto my bag while saying bye . A bright & hot pink one :) It has never failed to elicit a comment. I have been wanting to feature her and her work here & what better way to do that than a quick interview with her. And at the bottom of this this post is a sweet giveaway. Read on.
Artnlight: What is your background and when did you know for the 1st time that you are one day going to have a brand called Pure Ghee designs or that you will design bags for a living?
Aditi Prakash: I loved to draw as a child, this interest continued as I grew. I would spend hours filling out my biology diagrams! I went on to pursue Bachelors of Fine Arts from JNTU Hyderabad, majoring in Sculpture. I realized along the way that I loved putting different materials together.
At NID I studied furniture design and once I passed out I worked with traditional craft communities across the country. I realized that whatever I did it had to have a hand made element to it.
Two years ago I set up my design studio, Pure Ghee Designs. I had never thought I would be making bags. I had designed some bags for a client. The client lost interest and did not take the products I designed to the market, I believed in them and decided to do it myself! That’s how I ended up making and selling bags! Over the course of time I realize that making bags brings together my love for art, craft and design. I plan to expand to other accessories like jewelry, footwear and stoles soon. 

Artnlight: You have a thing for bright colours. Is it purely a design decision, how personal is colour to you?
Aditi Prakash:I have loved bright colours ever since I can remember. I get very inspired especially when I travel to smaller towns and find women being very bold in the colours they wear! I have no favourites, I love playing with colours and observing how they interact with each other.

Artnlight: What have been your biggest challenges & biggest joys in this journey?
Aditi Prakash:Running a business on your own is no easy task! Every day brings its challenges. And being your own boss can be so tough, because now you have no one to blame but yourself :)
But the journey is great never the less.  It has made me a more positive person. It has helped me hone my decision making skills. Pure Ghee Designs makes me believe in myself every day!

Artnlight: Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?
Aditi Prakash:Becoming an entrepreneur as a journey of discovering oneself! Be prepared to deal with the good, bad and ugly.

 Now for the good news! Pure Ghee bags are finally available online on pret-amoda
For the give away, all you need to do is:
1.Like Pure Ghee Designs on FB.
2. Leave a comment on Pure Ghee Designs page
3. Send your address to
And voila! Get a bag charm worth Rs.250 free. (This will be valid for people in India only)

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